The Manufacturers guarantees covers product failure that is due to defective workmanship or defective materials only and does not apply to:

Comfort preference or suitability to any persons specific medical condition.
Mattress or foundation damages due to abuse. (Bend border wire,jumping on,walking on or bending the product).

The manufacturers reserves the right to refuse services when upon inspection the product is found to be dirty,stained,burnt,soiled,infested with insects or in any unsanitary condition.

Normal body impressions-due to the technologically advanced foams and fibres used in today’s mattresses, you may notice comfort impressions on the mattress surface.

  • These impressions are perfectly normal and should not be confused with sagging.
  • Comfort impressions are not a structural defect and should not be considered as a sign that there is something wrong with the mattress.
  • Rotating your mattress will help to smooth out the impressions.
  • Comfort impressions of up to 4 cm are a normal occurrence and show that the mattress is doing exactly what it is designed to do by contouring to the individual shape of your body.
  • Merchandise subjected to weight in excess of its design limits.
  • Merchandise used for purposes other than that of witch it is constructed.
  • Covering (fabric)
  • Wet product.